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(with activable English subtitles)

The young siblings Leticia and Fernando live in an old-fashioned home, run by their domineering, religious, and very traditional father. When the father sees Fernando kissing another boy, his intense contempt for his son darkens the household. The situation affects Leticia’s first choreography assignment in school, and assisted by her brother, the dance becomes an outlet for their shared frustrations, until the unthinkable occurs.

• Rio Festival Gay de Cinema, Brasil (Best short, Audience award)
• Mostra Contraponto, Brasil (Best short, Audience award)
• Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro (Finalist)
• Broadcasted nationally on Canal Brasil from 2015 to 2018
• Mindelo Pride, Cabo Verde (Opening movie)

• Festival de Cine LGBT Aireana, Paraguay
• Festival Latino de Cine Independente Bahia Blanca, Argentina
• Oslo Skeive Filmer, Norway
• Oaxaca Filmfest, Mexico
• Orlando Film Festival, USA
• Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival, USA
• Lesgaicinemad, Spain
• Mostra Miragem, Brazil
• Mostra Sesc, Brazil
• Noia, Brazil
• Serile Filmului Gay, Romania
• Macaé Cine, Brazil
• Festival de Cinema Universitário de Alagoas, Brazil
• Cheries-Cheris, France
• Santo Domingo Outfest, Dominican Republic
• Queerencia Diversidad Audiovisual, Argentina
• Can[Be]Gay, Canary Islands
• Cinetoro Film Festival, Colombia
• Simpósio de Estudos de Gênero e Diversidade Sexual da UFSCar Sorocaba, Brazil
...among others, through more than 15 countries.

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Screenplay writer and Director / Thiago Kistenmacker
Cinematography / Gabriel de Carvalho and Leonardo Brito
Production Design / Tainá Iunes and Tatiana Pérez
Sound Recording / Rafaell Teixeira, Roberta Corrêa and Kadu Burgos
Sound Design / Dan Oliveira and Mariana Bahia
Producer / Thiago Kistenmacker and Aimée Kistenmacker
Associate Producer / Paulo Ribeiro

Father / Roney Villela
Letícia / Thainá Rocha
Fernando / Caue Pereira
Neighbor / Guilherme Queiroz

Assist Director / Karen Romanelli and Débora Costa
Storyboard and Continuity / Renata Andrade
Assist Cinematography / Vanessa Palazzi and Rafael Viana
Costume / Taina Iunes
Objects Production / Tatiana Pérez
Seamstress / Teresa Tavares
Costume Designer / Virgínia Farias
Makeup FX
  / Facada FX
Makeup / Sid Andrade, Tainá Iunes, Tatiana Pérez and Aimée Kistenmacker
Editing / Thiago Kistenmacker

Color Grading / Elieser Jairo (Central da Cor)
Design Consulting / Paula Abiéri
Original Soundtrack / “Thy Kingdom Come” and “Thy Kingdom Come (Reprise)”
Composers: Roberto Moura and Mariana Bahia
Music Production: Mariana Bahia
Opening Soundtrack / Mozart: Requiem K.626 – Lacrimosa
Conductor: Jordi Savall
Kindly provided by: Alia Vox
ADR-Foley / Dan Oliveira
Choreography / Thainá Rocha and Sidney Gomes
Assist Casting / Rayra Vieira
Behind the scenes / Isabella de Oliveira
Promotional Photography / Thiago Martini and Simone Fransisco

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