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(with activable English / Spanish / French subtitles)

Marina's chosen family fights for her legacy to be recognized following her death. Her memoirs and the portrait of her identity are hostage in a dispute to claim her gender.

• Gramado Film Festival, Brazil
• Leeds International Film Festival, UK
• DIGO - Festival of Sexual Diversity, Brazil (Best Film, popular jury)
• Las Vegas Queer Arts Film Festival, USA (Best Screenplay)

• Chéries-Chéris Festival Du Film LGBTQI &+++ in Paris, France
• Beijing Queer Film Festival, China
• Bogoshorts, Colombia
• Outfest Peru, Peru
• Thessaloniki International GLAD Film Festival, Greece
• Wicked Queer - Boston's LGBTQ+ Film Festival, USA
• Rio LGBTQIA+ Film Festival, Brazil
• Short Film Festival, Brazil
• aGLIFF - Prism Film Festival, USA
• Way OUT West Film Fest, USA
• Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival, UK
• Out Film CT – Connecticut's LGBT Film Festival, USA
• Balneário Camboriú International Film Festival, Brazil
• Cine MIS, Brazil
• San Diego Latino Film Festival, USA
• OutFest Fusion, USA



Screenplay writer, Director and Producer / Thiago Kistenmacker
Cinematography / Gabriel de Carvalho and Leonardo Brito
Production Design / Caroline Meirelles
Sound Recording and Audio Post Production / Leitmotif Sound Design
Original Soundtrack / Jonts Ferreira (musical production by Onomato)

Marina / Sanni Est
Bia / Gabriela Reis
Father / Fernando Alves Pinto
Marina at age 10 / Gabriel Freire
Mother / Mitat Marques
Mirella / Thaylla Varggas
Sofia / Lorena Malschik
Juan / Alec Rahzel
Tana / Manoela Menandro

Assist Production / Manoela Menandro
Production Intern / Felipe Maia
Assist Director / Jahmille
Continuist / Karen Romanelli
Assist Cinematography / Phillipe Froes
Art Assist and Costume Designer / Lydianne Carney
Hairdresser / Ju Saad
Makeup FX / Facada FX

Editing / Thiago Kistenmacker
Sound Direction, Sound Design and Sound Editing Supervision / Fabio Carneiro Leão
Sound Recording / Eloi Mattar
Boom Operator / Gui Najar
Sound Editing / Thiago Sobral
Foley / Gustavo Lopes
Mixing 5.1 / Fabio Carneiro Leão
Adapted music / "Estrela"
Author: Gilberto Gil
Kindly provided by Gege Edições Musicais LTDA
Color Grading and DCP / Elieser Jairo (Central da Cor)
Visual Effect / Jonas Almeida
Additional Visual Effect / Cristiano Costa and Raphael Garcia
Behind The Scenes
  / Beto Teixeira
Poster and Design consultancy / João Eliel
Driver / Antonio Marques

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